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Hosting Billing System

BILLmanager is a billing system for full automation of hosting company businesses.  BILLmanager automates the maximum number of functions, such as registering customers, ordering and processing services, generating invoices and contracts, etc. The billing system has an in-built system of alerts, tickets and notifications, and generates various company reports.


Web Server Control Panel

ISPmanager is the one of the leading web server control panels on the market. The control panel allows to manage various aspects of a web server through a friendly and easy-to-use web interface. With the click of a mouse, you can administer your web space, manage multiple domains and accounts, create and delete mail boxes and users from one central location.


Solution for virtualization management

VMmanager can be used for hosting virtual machines and building a cloud. This solution for virtualization enables you to manage not only one node, but a large cluster to scale your business as it grows, and reduce operational costs on all the stages. VMmanager will help you to reduce equipment expenses. Virtualization enables you to easily distribute administrative tasks, increase fault-tolerance of your system and perform smooth update and growth of your hadware platform.


Virtual environments (containers) control panel

VEmanager is an operating system-level virtualization solution that enables you to run multiple isolated copies of operating system (often called virtual environments or containers) on a single physical server. OpenVZ operating system-level virtualization allows for better performance, scalability, maximum density, dynamic resource allocation, as well as advanced management in comparison with other similar solutions.

Solution For Infrastructure Management

DCImanager facilitates the deployment and management of your dedicated servers and infrastructure, reduces setup and operational costs, decreases downtime while providing enhanced functionality to your clients. DCImanager can be installed on Linux. If you provide dedicated servers or colocation services, DCImanager will help automate your business and provide your clients with advanced functionality.

Name Server Management System

DNSmanager is a browser-based server administration tool which simplifies many of the tasks involved in DNS servers, users, and various services management. DNSmanager can be integrated with ISPmanager and VDSmanager, as well as used as an independent Web Control Panel, which provides a comprehensive management tool for DNS servers.

IP Address Distribution System

IPmanager is an IP Address Distribution And Management System specifically designed to integrate with your existing ISPmanager, VDSmanager, DSmanager and DNSmanager technologies, making it even more powerful and useful.

Framework for developing automation tools

COREmanager is a base that can be used for building custom automation tools and control panels. It can handle a number of operations that are common for all control panels. Other control panels will be supplementary modules to COREmanager, containing only those functions that a client may need to meet his business requirements.

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